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Why Did I Receive A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dismissal?

  • By: Bach Law Offices, Inc.
  • Published: September 14, 2018

With legal guidance and persistence, filing for bankruptcy can be a permanent solution to a significant and life-ruining financial problem. While the bankruptcy process can be extremely challenging and stressful, it does reap substantial rewards and provides eligible candidates with second chances at financial stability.

Of the various bankruptcy options, Chapter 7 is the most popular because it effectively liquidates a debtor’s assets to pay off their creditors. Essentially, the debt is legally discharged, or “forgiven.” This means that your creditors are not allowed to contact you even if your assets don’t account for the entirety of your debt. However, just because you’re eligible for Chapter 7 doesn’t mean that the court can’t or won’t dismiss your bankruptcy case. You’re responsible for following specific guidelines, being financially transparent with the court, and attending all mandatory hearings. If you aren’t care, you may suffer the financial consequences of having your case dismissed.

Your bankruptcy case may be dismissed for the following reasons:

  • You failed the Chapter 7 means test
  • You didn’t accurately fill out the necessary forms and petitions
  • You didn’t complete an approved credit counseling course and file a certificate of completion with the court
  • You didn’t complete a financial management course and file a certificate of completion with the court
  • You didn’t pay the court filing fees or request a waiver
  • You didn’t submit your most recent federal tax return to your trustee
  • You didn’t attend the mandatory hearings with your trustee and creditors

Seek Legal Guidance

At Bach Law Offices, Inc., we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be incredibly stressful and confusing for the inexperienced. Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are often dismissed because a debtor is unaware of a certain step or missed an important detail in the overall process. Your chances at avoiding a bankruptcy dismissal increase exponentially if you hire an experienced attorney who can guide you through the entirety of the Chapter 7 process. Our Northbrook bankruptcy attorneys can review your case, provide you with dedicated legal counsel, and ensure you complete each step of the bankruptcy process.

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Bach Is Your Financial Future.
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