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Loan Modifications In Northbrook

Preventing Foreclosure with Loan Modifications

When you have found yourself consistently unable to pay back your mortgage according to the existing terms, your lender may take action against you. While bankruptcy may have crossed your mind as a possible stop to foreclosure, loan modification is another option which is slightly less severe. Working with a Northbrook loan modification attorney from Bach Law Offices, Inc. is in your best interest, as we can help determine if this choice is right for you. We can also appeal to your mortgage lender and see if they are willing to make a deal.

Northbrook Mortgage Modification Attorney

In most cases, it is difficult to gain leverage with the bank that holds your mortgage, as you are the one who owes them money. However, lenders will often accept a deal as opposed to foreclosing on your home, which would often lead to them recovering less money. With the help of our firm, you can request a loan modification from your lender by illustrating your ability to pay on a new schedule or on a lesser amount.

We can help answer the following types of questions before you speak with your lender:

  • Can I get a loan modification if I do not have a job/income?
  • Do I have to be behind on payments to request a modification?
  • Can I get a loan modification for a rental property?
  • What will my interest rates be like after a modification?
  • Can I get a modification if I have received a Notice of Trustee?
  • What type of documentation will I need to provide?

Experienced Consumer Law Attorneys

With over 40 years of combined experience in the field of consumer law, we understand the way mortgage lenders operate and the most effective ways to approach them. If you do not think bankruptcy is right for you and want to pursue a modification, we can help. Our Northbrook loan modification lawyers can meet with you to go over your options and discuss how a modification can benefit you.

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