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Student Loan Debt

Struggling Under Student Loan Debt?

Our Northbrook Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help!

Student loan debt is second only to mortgages in terms of consumer debt, with an outstanding balance of over $1 trillion. To top it off, many of these loans and debts have been given out by companies who look to take advantage of young people. Combine that with more than two-thirds of college graduates leaving school with some amount of loan debt and a still struggling employment market and you have a recipe for financial trouble.

If you find yourself being harassed by student loan creditors, the Northbrook bankruptcy attorneys at the Bach Law Offices, Inc. may be able to help you. We understand that people caught up in severe debt is in many cases not their fault—they are merely victims of some bad breaks and unfortunate circumstances. We handle each case with knowledge, tact, and the utmost discretion, providing you with reputable counsel to help you find your way back to financial stability and freedom.

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Debt Collector Violations

Student loans are the second-largest type of debt, but report the most violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by far. In many cases, these debt collector think they can intimidate and bully unsuspecting young people into placing themselves further into financial hardship so they can profit, but our attorneys can help you fight back.

Some common violations of the FDCPA include:

  • Filing lawsuits against your loan without legal standing
  • Illegally contacting third parties regarding your loan
  • Threats of wage garnishments, bank levies, etc.
  • Lying about the options available to get a loan out of default
  • Give misleading advice about student loans and bankruptcy

If you are being unjustly harassed by creditors, don’t hesitate to let an experienced attorney help you fight back. Financial relief may be closer than you think.

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Bach Is Your Financial Future.
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