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Attorney Endorsements

“I strongly endorse this lawyer. Ms. Bach is an extremely knowledgeable attorney with extensive experience in bankruptcy law. She is a tireless advocate for her clients and her legal knowledge and communication skills separate her from the rest of her field.”Mohammed Badwan, Chapter 11 bankruptcy Attorney

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Bach on a number of complex matters and her defining traits are that she is patient, even handed and eerily knowledgeable of even the most obscure parts of federal statutes and case law. She is the embodiment of Dedication, Innovation, Compassion and Excellence. She is utterly devoted to both her family and her clients. For these reasons I hope to continue to work with Mrs. Bach and learn from her. I enthusiastically endorse this fine Consumer Rights Attorney.”Ahmad Sulaiman, Litigation Attorney

“I have sent many complex cases to Mrs. Bach. She is a very able lawyer who I feel that I can trust.”Richard Sexner, Litigation Attorney

“Penny Bach is a superb advocate for her clients. She works directly with the families and helps them through tough times with insight and experience. I recommend Penny to friends and family in need of the highest level of legal assistance.”Stacy Beutler

“I endorse this lawyer. Penny is an incredible attorney who is able to work under a tremendous amount of pressure and successfully represent her client’s to their utmost needs. I always feel very comfortable using Penny for covering difficult cases because I know she will be successful in her representation. I also refer Penny and Her Husband, Paul Bach, complicated legal issues and Chapter 11 cases. They always help in making my client’s life easier. They are terrific litigators and do a great job in the Courtroom.”Joseph Doyle, Chapter 7 bankruptcy Attorney

“I have known Penny for more than ten years, even before she was a practicing attorney. For all that time her sole focus was bankruptcy, first as a paralegal, then as an attorney. She is knowledgeable, experienced and a pleasure to work with.”Rafi Arbel

“I have always enjoyed reading Penny’s submissions to the Court as I find that Penny has the “triple threat” ability to apply previous case law in novel ways, to find off-the-beaten path cases to support her position, and to craft from that a persuasive a written argument.”Cindy Johnson, Bankruptcy and debt Attorney