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What Factors Should Be Considered When Deciding On How To Move Forward In A Foreclosure Defense Strategy? How Do I Know What’s Right For Me?

The most important thing is to bring the complaint, your mortgage documents attached to the complaint, and if you have your mortgage statements, bring them with you so we can examine them and see possible mistakes. Mortgage foreclosure, especially in Illinois, is very statute intensive, and there are many things they have to do, and you need to see if they made any mistakes. If you know in your heart of hearts that there is an issue, seek help, because I’ve had people who’ve made mistakes and all-of-a-sudden, now there’s an Escrow on their statement, which made them behind. It is a mistake, and you need to look into it and see if that’s a defense to your foreclosure. Most people don’t have a defense to foreclosure cases. You had a mortgage, you fell behind, you filed the foreclosure case, and it’s factual. To fight foreclosure and win is extremely rare, but it’s out there because mortgage companies have made mistakes. I would bring those questions to someone who specializes in foreclosure defense, let them look at the documents, and talk to them.

Then, the process would be to write letters, get some information, and point out errors, but there is a way to protect homeowners if things were done wrong.

How Can A Foreclosure Defense Attorney Help Me? Should I Ever Even Attempt This On My Own?

People who read up on the internet need to realize the sensational stories of success are incredibly rare. Most people who have a foreclosure issue don’t have those things to capitalize on, so when you go into court on your own and try to defend your case using those types of things, they don’t work anymore. What ends up happening is you’ll have a judge tell you to seek legal help or take more time to research because eventually, they will deny allegations. You’re going to spend money, effort, and heartache trying to save your homes when there may have been a better option for you. So once again, it’s vital to talk to someone who knows the industry and, as I said previously, the courthouse that you were in because those judges are the same judges who hear every foreclosure case, and a person who knows them knows what works.

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Bach Is Your Financial Future.
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