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If you believe you’ve been the victim of deceptive practices from creditors and collectors or telemarketer abuse, Bach Law Offices, Inc. is here to help. There’s no need to stand up to large corporations or creditors on your own after you’ve been scammed. Our attorneys are dedicated to advocating for your rights.

The Bach Law Offices, Inc. Is Devoted to Protecting Your Rights

When you sign up for a credit card or take out any type of loan, you assume that you will be treated fairly as a consumer. However, this is not often the case as creditors and collectors can take advantage of consumers in a variety of ways. Whether you believe you have been the victim of bad faith, deceptive practices, or you are suffering from telemarketer or creditor abuse, we can help. At Bach Law Offices, Inc., our Northbrook consumer law attorneys advocate aggressively for the rights of our clients.

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Legal Guidance on the North Shore

We understand the type of damage you could suffer personally and financially as a result of creditor harassment or fraudulent practices. If you have proof that you have been defrauded or mistreated or you suspect as much, it is vital that you consult with an experienced Northbrook consumer lawyer. We have 40 years of combined experience and have been recognized for our excellence in the field.

Our firm can assist you with a wide range of consumer law matters, including:

Representation for Collection & Creditor Disputes

It can be difficult to stand up to large corporations or creditors on your own, especially if you have been scammed or suffered abuse. We are dedicated to representing consumers who have been hurt in any way by creditor harassment, advocating for you in litigation if necessary. Hiring an attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. An initial consultation with our firm is free.

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Bach Is Your Financial Future.
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