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Landlords in Illinois have numerous reasons which allow them to legally serve an eviction notice to a tenant. However, tenants are not helpless when this happens; there are ways to fight back against your eviction. Because this can be such a pressure-filled lawsuit that moves so rapidly, it is important to obtain experienced counsel from a Northbrook real estate attorney as soon as possible.

At Bach Law Offices, we understand how difficult and emotionally straining a real estate law issue can be—you depend on the roof over your head to provide you and your family with shelter and a place of comfort. We handle each case with the utmost discretion and professionalism, personalizing our legal advice to fit your exact situation. We have helped numerous tenants in our more than 40 years of combined experience, and may be able to help you fight to save your ability to stay in your residence.

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The Eviction Process in Illinois

In order to legally evict you in Illinois, your landlord must carefully go through the legal eviction procedure, which involves serving you an eviction notice, giving you the required time based on the reason for the notice, and then filing an eviction lawsuit if you are either not moved out of the residence or have not paid by the deadline.

Some reasons you can legally be evicted include:

  • Failing to pay rent
  • Violating a portion of the lease agreement
  • Committing criminal acts in the residence

There are several defenses to an eviction suit. If you are being served notice because you have not paid your rent, paying your back rent in full within five days will result in the suit being dropped. There are also numerous other outstanding circumstances for which you may be legally permitted to remain. If you are a tenant, Bach Law Offices can help you figure out your options.

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